Campeggi, located in Anzano del Parco, just outside of Como in northern Italy, is a family company that has produced furniture since 1959.

Campeggi is one of the first convertible furniture producers in the world, starting with sofas that could convert to beds, and later on also multifunctional objects. Over the years Campeggi has been working with world famous designer such as Santachiara, Magistretti, Manzoni, Adachi, and many more, with furniture winning a number of design awards.

The essence of Campeggi way of thinking...   

“In order to avoid boredom of acquired positions, to overcome stillness of static situations, to restart desires and pleasures, Campeggi is imaging a bright and dynamic universe full of objects ready to be moved or transformed in order to comply with your pleasure of dwelling, living and changing.”


Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Showroom, Rindögatan 16

Tel: +46 (0) 733 - 20 55 50