A new way of imagining, covering and inhabiting the space.

Surfaces that instill deep emotions, telling a story that never ceases to fascinate day after day, with a durable quality and unparalleled versatility for interpreting and customising an individual space.

This is Glamora:


a young and adventurous Italian company from Sassuolo (MO), that perceives the wallcovering as a new means of expression, where art and design, sartorial craftsmanship and digital technology, natural sensations and innovative trends meet and merge together.

It is thanks to this alchemy and to the collaboration with internationally renowned designers - such as Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, Nigel Coates and Karim Rashid - as well as up-and coming design talent from the world of fashion and the visual and graphic arts that the Glamora collection is brought to life.

An ever evolving portfolio that explores the most varied themes, from the archetypal memory to the poetry of nature or the charm of vintage atmospheres.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Showroom, Rindögatan 16

Tel: +46 (0) 733 - 20 55 50