Human well-being in living and work spaces.


Maxdesign, located in Loria, (Treviso), focuses its production on seats, tables and furnishings with a contemporary, essential, highly functional and user-friendly design, combined with remarkable physical and visual lightness.

This is Maxdesign:


Founded in 2000, Maxdesign’s main ability is to renew itself – in terms of incessant ergonomic research, specialised production with innovative materials, accurate colour studies, collaborations with the most versatile talents on the international creative scene, and the selection of materials and fabrics – without ever losing sight of its fundamental objective: human well-being in living and work spaces.

Over the years, Maxdesign opened to new scenarios, reaching a strategic turning point when it decided to boost its indoor production. The company’s catalogue has become gradually enriched with new collections, maintaing the company’s focus on high quality and environmental sustainability, reflected in the use of less polluting and recyclable materials.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden

Showroom, Rindögatan 16

Tel: +46 (0) 733 - 20 55 50