A young and innovative design company from Milano / Monza, Italy, started in 2011. Slalom is somewhat of a hybrid of producer and consultants that can help your company with both acoustic analysis and solutions for the best acoustic comfort.


Using different sustainable, recycled materials in acoustic products, felt walls and tailor-made solutions, Slalom sticks out with new ways of design for best soundscapes!


Slalom acoustic, don’t look far away for silence.

Always focusing on Research, Innovation and Sustainability!


Agent for Slalom in Sweden and Scandinavia


As a Swedish agency we are very proud to represent Slalom in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. The unique, sound-absorbing products are perfect for the office or co-working space, hotel or restaurant. Have a look at the innovative Slalom acoustic wall systems, the beautiful Jazz wall panel, the timeless design of Millerighe and much more.


Smart office design partitions like Daphne or Monstera is perfect for the modern office. Or how about acoustic furniture like the award-winning Oasis or the private Eco Booth? Slalom makes sustainable products and functional furniture for the office space of today and tomorrow.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.



ANDAMANE - ceiling (3)
ECOstrong - partitions freestanding (15)
ECOround - ceiling (3)
ECOstrong - wall (6)
TAILOR MADE - lights (6)
ECOdesk - desk (23)
CUT-OUT BAFFLE - partitions BAFFLE (3)
ECOarch - CX - wall (7)
DAPHNE - totem (12)
TAILOR MADE - ceiling (1)
TAILOR MADE -lights (7)
DOTS - partition (4)
ECOround - wall  (1)
ECOdesk - partitions FREESTANDING (7)
TAILOR MADE - desk (1)
ECObubble - wall  (2)
FELTshape - wall (2)
ECOstrong - ceiling (3)
TAILOR MADE - partition (1)
TAILOR MADE - wall (2)
FELTshape - wall (8)
FELTdesign (9) - mimari
TAILOR MADE - lights (4)